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Total Stations

A total station is an electronic/optical instrument used for surveying and building construction. Total station survey instrument is an electronic transit theodolite integrated with electronic distance measurement (EDM) to measure both vertical and horizontal angles and the slope distance from the instrument to a particular point, and an on-board computer to collect data and perform triangulation calculations. Browse total station brands and models at Capital Surveying Supplies.

Sokkia Total Station

Find a great price on a Sokkia surveying equipment right here at Capital. Their latest entry is the Sokkia IM Series Total Station which comes in two variants the Sokkia IM 50 and the Sokkia IM 100.

Nikon Total Station

We also carry Nikon Total Stations which are known for their legendary optics. Their entry level total station is the Nikon NPL 322 +. Take it to the next level with the Nikon XS total station.

Leica Total Station

Leica just released their updated Flexline total stations. There are three models to choose from, the Leica TS03 Flexline, Leica TS07 Flexline, and the powerful Leica TS10 Flexline total station.

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