Digital Auto Levels

Get your Digital Auto Level Instrument at Capital Surveying Supplies

Capital has a variety of digital level survey equipment from the leading manufacturers in the industry.

Leica Digital Level

Leica has a couple of high end very precise digital surveyor level machines, the Leica LS10 & LS15. They also offer a more economical electronic level geared toward construction, the Leica Sprinter. 

Topcon and Sokkia Digital Level

The Topcon DL Digital level and the Sokkia SDL digital level are almost exactly the same since Topcon owns Sokkia. The only difference is the color. Each of them have three different models of surveyor level instruments.

Spectra Digital Level

Spectra Precision has a brand new, affordable digital  level called the Spectra Focus DL-15.



Sokkia SDL1X Advanced Digital Level 32x 2112512B0

$8,400.00 $8,199.00

Sokkia SDL1X Advanced Digital Level Highest precision and productivity in elevation and distance measurement From Intelligent Auto Focus to wireless operation, many innovative technologies are implemented for unmatched performance and precision...

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Sokkia SDL30 Digital Level 30x 2112330B0

$4,010.00 $3,809.50

Sokkia SDL30 Digital Level 32x The “PowerLevel” makes measurement quick, easy and accurate The SDL30 digital level makes quick work of measuring height and distance in all types of environments - from low light to bright sunlight...

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Topcon DL Series Digital Auto Level


Topcon DL-503 Digital Auto Level The Topcon DL Digital Auto Level incorporates cutting-edge technology to provide exceptional height, elevation and distance accuracy. With a working range of up to 328 feet, this digital level has a height accuracy of up...

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Leica Digital Levels (LS10 & LS15)


The Leica LS Digital Auto Level is the industry leader in automatic digital leveling technology. It is great to use in obtaining precise data collection when doing a general survey and most construction projects. With a working range of up to 360 feet,...

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Spectra Precision FOCUS DL-15 Digital Level

The Spectra Precision FOCUS DL-15 digital level is a new, very affordable, digital level delivering simplicity, ease-of-use and versatile onboard software to provide consistent precision, performance and productivity. FOCUS DL-15: Instantly...

Sokkia SDL50 Digital Level 28x 2112350B0

$2,670.00 $2,536.50

Sokkia SDL50 Digital Level 28x Easy, accurate measurement for construction and general applications.  Sokkia brings the benefits of digital leveling to construction applications at an affordable price with the reliable, easy-to-use SDL50...

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Leica Sprinter Series Packages (Discontinued)


Leica Sprinter Go ahead... Push the button!        One-touch does it all... The Leica Sprinter Electronic Level offers everything that you would expect from a construction instrument. It enhances user benefits with a simple...