Compasses and Clinometers

Compasses and Clinometers

Brunton® Induction-Damped Standard Transits


Induction-Damped Standard Brunton F-2061 Pocket Transit Compass, Azimuth Accurate and reliable, Brunton geo transits feature aluminum housings. Horizontal angles: 0-360° (Azimuth) or 0-90-0° (Quadrant), graduations to 1°. Vertical...

Suunto 51-A-30 Woodsman Compass


Graduated 0 to 360° (Azimuth) in 2° units. Features liquid-filled capsule, declination correction scale, luminous points, and magnifier base. Baseplate is rounded to fit comfortably in your hand. Base scales in inches, 1:24,000 mi and 1:50,000...

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