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Crain LR Pro Series Round Leveling Rod


The Crain LR Pro Series Leveling Rod has stood up to hard field use for the last thirty years. Designed with strong round shape steel which provides great strength, this rod can handle the job even in windy conditions. With large diameter legs and a...

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LaserLine 10 Foot Direct Reading Optical Rod

$184.95 $159.95

Laserline GR10T 10-foot aluminum direct reading grade rod with movable tape, graduated in feet/tenths/100ths. Collapses to 6 feet. Tape face has large scales and is easy to ready at a distance with an optical instrument. Laserline Mfg. Inc. is the...

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Crain CR Leveling Rod 4 Meters 92023

$83.95 $68.99

Option of Graduations in Philly Metric, Centimeters/E-Metric, 0.5 Centimeter Metric, or British E-MetricNon-Conductive FiberglassRectangular ShapeScale on Back Allowing Overall Height ReadingAdjustable SectionsUnbreakable Locking ButtonsWear-Resistant...

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SECO Aluminum Grade Rod

$65.95 $49.95

SECO Aluminum Builder's RodLight and durable anodized leveling rod This 4-section aluminum leveling rod are made of a light and durable alloy The telescopic sections are anodized and silk-screened with moisture-resistant ink Each rod section uses...

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SECO "E" Pattern Builder's Rod - 4 Meters

$65.95 $48.95

Features a standard 'E' pattern that is popular worldwide The rods are graduated in centimeters on the front with numbers every 10 cm The scale is in millimeters on the back, numbered every centimeter Double graduations allow these rods to be useful...

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Crain CR Leveling Rod 2.4 Meters 92003

$55.95 $44.95

2.4 m Rectangular Series (CR) - Philly Metric GradGraduations in Philly MetricNon-Conductive FiberglassRectangular ShapeScale on Back Allowing Overall Height ReadingTwo Adjustable SectionsStable Locking ButtonsWear-Resistant GraduationsWater- and...

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