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GPS/GNSS Survey Equipment

GNSS has been used by land surveyors since the late 1980s, primarily for geodetic control networks and for photo control. Nowadays, GNSS survey equipment is used to determine precise locations all over the globe, in any weather conditions and at any time of the day. GNSS geodetic surveying equipment has become smaller and easier to use being faster to use than other surveying methods. GNSS is specially used for large topographic surveys where a centimeter level accuracy is enough.

Sokkia GPS Survey Equipment

Sokkia's main offering is the GRX3 which is the successor GPS to Sokkia's GRX2. They also have a network only receiver that is called the Sokkia GCX3 which is also more compact in size.

Spectra GPS

Spectra Precision is a sister company to Trimble and their main GPS equipment for land surveying is called the Spectra Precision SP80 and it comes with 240

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