Transit Levels

Construction Transit Levels

A transit level is an optical instrument, or a telescope, complete with a built-in spirit level that is mounted on a tripod. Transit levels are used mainly for surveying and construction, but they can be used to determine the relative position of lines and objects as well. Our transit levels for sale are very precise. They are used to establish a reference line, but they are also used to provide readings of angles in precise measurements.

DAVID WHITE LT6-900 Optical Level Transit

$218.00 $199.99

Model Number: 44-D8834 David White 22X Power Optical Meridian Level-Transit LT6-900 Features: 22X Level-Transit 1/4-in.(6mm) at 100-ft.(30m) leveling accuracy Up to 200-ft.(60m) range Horizontal circle Lock level Vertical arc Clamp and...

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DAVID WHITE LT8-300 Level Transit


LT8-300P Transit-Level With Optical Plumb -Only full-size level transit still in production; current model! -Made in America! -Sharp 26x optic with stadia reticle -Proven “2-point” level lock design is best in the industry -Built-in optical...

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SitePro TL20X 20-Power Transit Level

$218.00 $174.99

The TL20X transit level is ideal for fast set-up, simple to use for leveling and vertical applications Fast set-up, simple to use for leveling and vertical applications Clamps and tangents bring your instrument quickly on target. 15 minute...

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