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Construction Lasers

Lasers have become an essential tool in the construction industry, with a wide range of applications that include leveling, measuring, aligning, and cutting. Lasers provide unparalleled accuracy, speed, and precision, which helps to reduce labor costs and increase productivity.

One of the most common uses of lasers in construction is for leveling and grading. Self-leveling rotary lasers are commonly used to set the height of concrete forms, establish reference points for excavation, and create a level base for laying brick or tile. Laser levels are also used to ensure the accuracy of concrete pours and to establish elevations for roadways, bridges, and other infrastructure projects.

Overall, lasers have revolutionized the construction industry, making it faster, more accurate, and more efficient than ever before.

Leica 838757 RVL80 Laser Receiver


Overview for Leica 838757 RVL80 Laser Receiver The Leica RVL80 Laser Receiver is a perfect receiver for the Leica line lasers with red laser beams. With the RVL80, laser beams are localized at a distance of up to 260 feet or 80 meters. It features...

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Leica 758839 Wall Bracket for Lino Lasers


Overview for Leica 758839 Wall Bracket for Lino Lasers The Leica Lino Wall Bracket enables you to position your Leica Lino laser level on the wall or ceiling, without having to worry about misalignments. The laser unit can be attached to the...

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Leica 834838 Lino L4P1 Multiline Laser Level


Overview for Leica 834838 Lino L4P1 Multiline Laser Level The Leica Lino L4P1 Multiline Laser Level is a point and cross-line laser that works as the ultimate 90 degrees layout laser level. It projects one horizontal and 3 vertical lines that are at 90...

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Leica 864431 Lino L2P5 Point and Line Laser


Overview for Leica 864431 Lino L2P5 Point and Line Laser The Leica Lino L2P5 Point and Line Laser is an all-in-one cross line and point laser tool ideal for alignment tasks such as tiling, drywalling, partitioning and electrical installations as...

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Leica 777068 Lino P5 Point Laser


Overview for Leica 864427 Lino P5 Point Laser The Leica Lino P5 Point Laser is a user-friendly device that sets a new standard for laser visibility. It is self-leveling point laser that is easy to operate and is sturdy enough to withstand the harsh...

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Leica 848435 Lino L2 Cross-Line Laser


Overview for the Leica 848435 Lino L2 Cross-Line Laser w/ Alkaline Batteries & Pouch The Leica Lino Cross-Line Laser is a robust self-leveling laser with a red laser line that has outstanding visibility and high accuracy. It features...

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