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Seco Batter Board Clamp 4852-14

$207.75 $150.95

The Seco batter board clamp is the perfect adapter to use when setting up a laser for vertical applications or for theodolites in any kind of alignment task. Features: Attaches to boards with thicknesses up to 2.17" Mounting plate with its 5/8"...

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Leica 838757 RVL80 Laser Receiver


Overview for Leica 838757 RVL80 Laser Receiver The Leica RVL80 Laser Receiver is a perfect receiver for the Leica line lasers with red laser beams. With the RVL80, laser beams are localized at a distance of up to 260 feet or 80 meters. It features...

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Leica 758830 Ball Adapter for Lino Lasers


Overview for Leica 758830 Ball Adapter for Lino Lasers The Ball Adapter for Leica Lino Lasers is a very useful accessory that allows a Leica Lino laser to be mounted or projected at any angle. It has a ¼-inch thread is compatible with any Leica...

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The Topcon Holder 110 laser receiver bracket works with the following laser receivers: Topcon LS-100D laser receiver (1026030-01)   Topcon Holder 110 Warranty: 90 day manufacturer's limited warranty Topcon 1019505-01 Laser Receiver...

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