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Sitepro 22" Colo Series Machete 17-COLO22-W

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Columbian-made, 2.5 mm thick and hot roll tempered high carbon steel blade for strength. 5" ergonomic solid treated hardwood handle for bettering gripping power. Resharpen-able blade extends through the riveted handle for durability...

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Combo-head design is ideal for breaking up gravel and hardened, dried earth (pointed end) or for use as a hoe when digging in tough soil (flat end). 36-inch durable fiberglass handle is shock absorbent Rubber easy grip for improved handling and...

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SitePro 18" GAD 17-GAD18


Ideally used to break, chip, chisel and pry rocks apart. It is meant to be used to break up icy ground to make wood survey stakes easier to drive in the ground. Size: 3/4" x 1-1/2" Made of high-grade tool steel Hardened-steel tip Weighs 5.3 lb (2.4...

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SitePro Frost Pin 18" 17-FP18FY

$23.00 $19.99

SitePro Frost Pin 18" 17-FP18FY Ideal for breaking up hardened, dried earth as well as frozen ground. Made of 1" diameter high grade tool steel 2" button top and a hardened diamond point Weighs 4.0 lb (1.8 kg)

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Specialized mallet designed to minimize damage to struck surface with minimal elastic rebound from struck surface Vibration dampening head for increased power and control 14" (36 cm) handle Constructed of steel interior with hard Nitrile rubber...

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SitePro Engineers 48 oz Hammer - 17-RF48E


SitePro Engineers 48 oz HammerModel Number: 17-RF48EFeatures: Forged steel head which is hardened and tempered Dual machine finished faces that are beveled and fully polished Designed for striking spikes and hardened nails, cold chisels, brick...

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SitePro 620 2X Sighting Hand Level 43-D620


David White 2X Sightline Level Model Number: 43-D620The David White 2X sighting hand level is ideal for preliminary survey and simple distance estimation.Features: Sturdy impact-resistant aluminum body Built-in pocket clip Easy-to-read protected...

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