Great selection of Automatic Levels at Capital

When it comes to the Auto Level, Capital provides top of the line equipment without breaking the bank. We carry great quality automatic levels from the industry leaders.

Sokkia and Topcon Auto Levels

Topcon Sokkia auto level lineup are essentially the same just a different color. They each come in three different models. Check out the Topcon AT series and the Sokkia B-Series auto levels.

Leica Automatic Levels

Leica is well known for their top-class optics and they are incorporated in their flagship model the Leica NA 2000. Leica also has some more moderately priced selections as well.

Sokkia B-Series Automatic Levels

$355.00 $269.99

Sokkia B-Series automatic levels offer accuracy and reliability day-after-day. The Sokkia B series auto levels incorporate field-proven precise and reliable compensator for accuracy you can rely upon. The optimally designed telescope provides...

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Topcon AT-B2 32x Automatic Level - 2110220B0

$1,680.00 $1,184.99

Overview for the Topcon AT B2 32X Automatic LevelThe Topcon AT B2 Automatic Level allows surveyors and construction professionals to perform highly accurate leveling, angle, height, as well as distance measurements. This optical instrument has 32x...

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SitePro SK32X 32-Power Pro Automatic Level


SitePro 32-POWER PROFESSIONAL AUTOMATIC LEVEL SERIES 25-SK32X These auto-levels feature excellent magnification with large aperture that allows more light for a sharper image. Finely tuned magnetically dampened compensator levels and stabilizes the...

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Nikon AX-2S Automatic Level

$405.00 $369.99

The Nikon AX-2S Automatic Level with 20x magnification allows surveyors and construction professionals to take precise horizontal plane and angle measurement. Equipped with world class optics, it provides more detailed images and much less...

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Nikon AC-2S Automatic Level

$415.00 $394.99

The Nikon AC-2S Automatic Level is used to take highly accurate horizontal plane and angle. With 24x magnification, this survey and construction tool is equipped with powerful optics that absorbs more light for brighter and sharper images. It has an...

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Nikon AP-8 Automatic Level

$735.00 $699.99

The Nikon AP-8 automatic level features a 28x telescope with a 30mm objective lens for clear, bright images in an erect and unreversed orientation. With a built-in compensator, it automatically levels the line of sight over a wide compensation range...

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Nikon AE-7 / AE-7C Automatic Level

$1,425.00 $1,354.99

Nikon AE-7 and AE-7C automatic levels are designed for a variety of elevation control and alignment tasks including general building construction, cut and fill measurements, area leveling, and landscaping. Features Compact and...

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Nikon AS-2 / AS-2C Automatic Level

$1,770.00 $1,674.99

Nikon AS/AE Series auto-levels feature waterproof, nitrogen-filled, high-power telescopes that help you make precise measurements even in the wettest conditions. They feature a unique automatic air-dampened compensator to prevent magnetic interference,...

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Bosch GOL26 26X Automatic Optical Level


This Bosch 26X Automatic Optical Level GOL26 instrument features a self-leveling compensator, both horizontal/vertical cross hairs and stadia lines, 26x magnification lens and large aperture for clear image Range: 330-feet, Accuracy: Up to...

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Topcon AT-B4A 24x Automatic Level

$355.00 $310.00

The Topcon AT-B series sets a new standard for auto levels used in surveying, engineering and construction applications.  The Topcon AT-B4A automatic level features further enhanced reliability under all environmental conditions. With the IPx6...

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Topcon AT-B3A 28x Automatic Level 1012379-03

$720.00 $494.99

Topcon AT-B3A 28x Automatic Level Model Number: 1012379-03 The compensator of AT-B series incorporates four suspension wires made of super-high-tensile metal that features minimal thermal expansion coefficient, providing unmatched durability and...

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