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Sitepro 22" Colo Series Machete 17-COLO22-W

$15.50 $12.99

Columbian-made, 2.5 mm thick and hot roll tempered high carbon steel blade for strength. 5" ergonomic solid treated hardwood handle for bettering gripping power. Resharpen-able blade extends through the riveted handle for durability...

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Ontario Knife has been manufacturing the 1-22 Machete under U.S. Government specifications for over 60 years.  Ontario Knife Company's series of machetes is one of the most venerable and storied product lines in the company's 125 year old history...

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Gerber Brush Thinner w/ Sheath 33025 (Discontinued)


The dramatically shaped carbon steel blade is set in a sturdy, newly redeisgned, easier to grip handle with gator over-mold. It's perfect for clearing out brush and limbs from tree stands and stream settings. A non-stick coating on the blade reduces...