SECO 8142-01-ORG Large Controllers Case

$61.29 $54.99

Large Controllers Case8142-01-OR This case fits most large controllers like the Ranger™ series, Allegro, TSC2™, etc The case is padded with 0.25 in 1000D Cordura® material with khaki trim Features a Velcro® flap...

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Seco 5200-202 RAM Ball to Male Quick Release

$50.02 $49.99

Seco RAM Ball to Male Quick Release 5200-202 SECO’s RAM Ball adapter allows you to conveniently move your controller from one clamp to another Each aluminum and stainless-steel adaptor features a compact design Quickly move between your...

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SECO 5125-00-FLY 2m Two-Piece GPS Rover Rod

$183.84 $149.99

Seco 2 m Two-Piece GPS Rover Rod - Standard Yellow or Fluorescent Yellow 5125-00   The lightweight aluminum Seco GPS poles are perfect for all GPS applications Features a 5/8 x 11 tip and 40-minute vial, vinyl hand grip and replaceable steel...

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Claw Cradle for Carlson Surveyor, Surveyor+ 5200-12-050

$96.95 $85.95

Claw Cradle for Carlson Surveyor, Surveyor+ 5200-12-050 These Claw™ clamps are made of durable anodized aluminum The Claw technology allows maximum tightening without crushing The Ball-and-Socket versions allow a collector to be in more...

SECO Claw Pole Clamp Quick Release 5200


SECO Claw Quick Release Pole Clamp   The Claw Series is designed to prevent the user from over tightening the pole clamp screw and accidentally crushing or cracking the pole The clamping function is limited so over-tightening cannot...

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SECO 8125-50-ORG Small GIS Backpack

$281.84 $229.99

Excellent surveyor backpack for GPS receiver and antenna equipment including LEAP GNSS. This utility locator backpack includes a cam-lock antenna pole, adjustable straps, several interior pockets, belt loop straps, and rain flap Interior...

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Delrin 1-inch Pole Claw Clamp Adapter


Delrin 1-inch Pole Claw Clamp Adapter D11145 The Delrin Adapter can be used when youwant to increase the outisde diameter (OD) of a pole from 1-inch to 1.25-inches Can be used with Quick-Release Claw Cradles and Clamps or the Ball-and-Socket Claw...

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Two-Hole Base With 1-inch Ball

$11.30 $9.95

Two Hole Base With 1-inch Ball  RAM-B-238 The RAM 2-7/16-in x 1-5/16-in diamond-shaped universal plate has a 1-in diameter rubber ball connected at right angles to a 1 1/4" x 2 1/2" Diamond Plate The plate has two holes 1.912-in from center to...

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