Tribrachs and Adapters

Rotating Tribrach Adapter

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Rotating Tribrach Adapter 2020-00   This rotating friction top tribrach adapter allows the prism to be pointed after installation in the tribrach Fits all tribrachs including Topcon tribrachs Weighs 0.9 lb (0.41 kg)

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SECO Topo-Boot


Topo-Boot     The TopoBoot®, made of black nylon, screws over the precision point and increases the area of the point for use on soft surfaces in topo shots   The Topo-Boot is removable and stores conveniently under the...

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SECO Ball and Socket Tripod Mount


Ball and Socket Tripod Mount     Perfect for creating a custom solution   Fits any standard instrument tripod   Use with a #5200-201 Ball-and-Socket Link and a Ball-and-Socket Cradle (designed for your data...

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