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SECO Invar Rod Bipod - Flo Yellow

$172.95 $148.95

This new bipod features a special head to hold most popular rectangular rods. The Thumb-Release™ locking is the same proven design as the original SECO prism pole bipods. This bipod features a special head that will hold a rectangular rod The...

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SECO Thumb-Release Bipod 5217-04

$172.95 $124.99

Thumb-Release Bipod 5217-04-(FLY,FOR,RED,YEL) A surveyor can set up a freestanding GPS antenna pole or prism pole 1-to-1.25 inch (25.4-to-31.8 mm) outside diameter Poles attach easily through the open clamp 1.5 inch (3.81 cm) outside...

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Seco Claw Cradles Quick Release


Claw Cradle Quick Release 5200-XXX The Claw™ is a new and improved clamping system featuring an innovative clamping device that keeps your expensive data collecting hardware snug on the pole where it belongs without crushing it Made of...

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Rotating Tribrach Adapter


Rotating Tribrach Adapter 2020-00   This rotating friction top tribrach adapter allows the prism to be pointed after installation in the tribrach Fits all tribrachs Weighs 0.9 lb (0.41 kg)

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RAM Ball to Female Quick Release


RAM Ball to Female Quick Release 5200-203 SECO’s RAM Ball adapter allows you to conveniently move your controller from one clamp to another Each aluminum and stainless-steel adaptor features a compact design Quickly move between your vehicle...

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Quick Change Adapter For SECO Mini Prisms


Quick Change Adapter For SECO Mini Prisms 2090-19 Use the Pole Adapter on a SECO Quick Change™ Poles to achieve a target height of 150 mm For: SECO Mini Prisms Target Height: 70 mm Length: 80 mm Weighs 0.27 lb (0.12 kg) Authorized Dealer...

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