LaserLine mfg. makes Direct Reading Grade Rods in Laser or Optical models. These grade rods are the number one seller in the USA for surveying equipment grade rods, because of their outstanding quality. Very well-built, tough, lightweight, and versatile, LaserLine direct reading rods bear the true test of quality in the field, and hold up extremely well. These rods come in a large selection of lengths and increments in tenths, metric, and feet / inches. The laser version is for use with a laser detector. There is a special rail slide and detector bracket that lets the laser detector travel the full working length of the rod. This allows faster and easier readings because it takes the awkwardness out of having to loosen the detector, move the detector, then tighten the detector for each reading. The optical version is used with optical instruments and have no special rail for the laser detector. All tape faces have large scales and are easy to read at a distance when using an optical instrument. Capital is an authorized dealer for LaserLine products.

LaserLine B-LT Detector Bracket (Discontinued)


Overview for the LaserLine B-LT Detector Bracket The LaserLine B-LT Detector Bracket has rugged but lightweight aluminum construction. Its surface is coated with a black anodized finish. It can be used with GR1000 and GR1450 Direct...

LaserLine 10 Foot Direct Reading Optical Rod

$225.00 $189.99

Laserline GR10T 10-foot aluminum direct reading grade rod with movable tape, graduated in feet/tenths/100ths. Collapses to 6 feet. The tape face of this optical laser rod has large scales and is easy to ready at a distance with an optical instrument...

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