Prism Pole Accessories



Spectra 929 Heavy Duty Blower for Pipe Lasers The Spectra Precision 929 heavy-duty blower is used to improve the performance of pipe lasers when shooting through the pipe by equalizing the temperature and air density inside the pipe.Spectra Precision...

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SitePro 4.7” MINI HANDHELD ROD 07-4047


4.7” MINI HANDHELD ROD 07-4047 The SitePro mini handheld rod features a 5/8-11 threaded stud with adjustable bubble vial. Use with any prism system that fits the 5/8-11 male thread. Height of 4.7” (120 mm) built-in adjustable 20-min...

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SitePro 07-1460 Snap-Loc Clip


Attaches to the base of any 1-1/2" inch (38mm) diameter prism or antenna pole Bipod legs snap into the clips making the system convenient for storage and transport Included on the SitePro Bi-Pods and Tri-Pods

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