A leading manufacturer of accessories for land surveying, global positioning system, construction, monitoring and agriculture equipment, SECO engineers survey products to make professional field equipment more productive and efficient. Besides designing and manufacturing top-quality accessories for equipment such as total stations and robotics, SECO offers a complete line of survey equipment field accessories including surveying prism poles, bipods and tripods, surveying prisms and prism assemblies, land surveying rods, grade rods, magnetic locators, tribrachs and land surveying equipment adapters. Safety equipment such as heavy duty ANSI and ISEA class safety vests, Rhinotek-reinforced equipment carrying bags and padded cases for delicate robotics and scanning equipment. 



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SECO 5128-00 Rover Rod 2M Two-Piece

$376.79 $269.99

Seco 2 m Two-Piece Rover Rod 5128-00 These lightweight 2 m two-piece rods are perfect for all GPS applications Features a male 5/8 x 11 tip and 40-minute vial Rover rod has a fixed-height of 2 meters Weighs 2.58 lb (1.17 kg)  

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SECO 8098-10-ORG Spray Can Holder with Pockets

$26.23 $22.99

Why the upgrade? To add more pockets and make this surveyor spray paint can holder more user friendly. With this spray paint can holster, you can now keep your markers and a ruler in the same place at hip level. The SECO Spray Paint Can...

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