Seco Aluminum Tripod Mini 5301-24-BLK

$123.95 $95.95

These Seco survey tripods accommodate 5/8 x 11 instruments and are designed for all types of jobs This heavy-duty mini tripod features a Quick Clamp and Triangle/Flat head The telescopic Aluminum (Round) legs allow for setup to extend 25.5 in...

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SECO Tripod Radio Antenna Kit


Tripod Radio Antenna Kit 2133-06 SECO's new Tripod Radio Antenna Kit attaches easily to surveying instrument tripods Tripod leg clamp will attach to any tripod leg and ram ball and socket section of clamp quickly sets the antenna pole up...

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SECO 4852-15 Column Clamp for Instruments

$363.46 $314.99

SECO Column Clamp for Instruments4852-1 The Column Clamp is lightweight but stable Works with all instruments with a 5/8 x 11 base, ideal for lasers and theodolites The column rotates to orientate the instrument when needed and features 1 ft...

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Seco 5300-12 Aluminum Tripod with Antenna Mast

$538.81 $454.99

Seco Aluminum Tripod with Aluminum Antenna Mast - 5300-12 This radio tripod antenna tower with antenna mast gets your radio antenna to the desired height easily Mast telescopes to 7.5 ft (2.3 m) and tripod can be set to 5.5 ft (1.7 m) for a total...

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