SECO Walleye Prism System (Discontinued)


The SECO Walleye Prism System is lightweight, inexpensive and made to be set up and left for extended periods. The Walleye™ Prism System accommodates a full size 62 mm prism for long range applications or when a larger prism is needed Rain...

SECO 2090-00 Adapter for Leica Prism

$36.25 $31.99

Adapter for Leica Prism 2090-00 5/8 X 11 aluminum prism height adapters allow the base pole to be used with other manufacturer's 360° Prisms For adapting Wild Leica prism poles to 5/8 x 11 prisms Weighs 0.07 lb (0.03 kg) ADAPTER,WILD...

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SECO 25 mm Mini Prism System - Flo Orange

$133.95 $94.95

Mini Prism System``Here’s a versatile prism system in a small package``Assembly features a 25 mm copper-coated prism, for fog prevention, a tilting holder, with friction axis,0 or -30 mm offset Can be mounted on a prism pole or tribrach at...

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SECO 6402-05 -35 mm Premier Prism Assembly

$246.39 $184.99

The 62 mm silver-coated Premier Prism is encased in a heavy-duty canister with M20 threads Features a prism accuracy of <5 seconds and a -35 mm offset The mounting base features standard female 5/8 x 11 threads Tilting holder is constructed of...

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SECO Standard Prism System 6402-10


Seco 62 mm Standard Prism Assembly with 5.5 x 7 inch Target - Flo Orange with Black 6402-10-FOB The Standard Prism Assembly features a copper-coated, canister-type 62 mm prism, simple but proven locking and 5.5 x 7 inch target It's waterproof, has a...

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