Fiberglass Tripods

Surveying Equipment Tripods Made of Fiberglass

SitePro Fiberglass Tripod w/ Dual Clamp

$179.95 $129.50

HVFG-DC SiteMax Heavy Duty Fiberglass Tripod Best value heavy duty fiberglass tripod on the market Powder coated wear-resistant metal hardware Double banded extension legs Dual clamp with locking quick clamp and wing screw add extra...

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Sokkia Wood Fiberglass Tripod Screw Clamp


The Sokkia Heavy-Duty Wood Fiberglass Tripod has a standard 5/8x11 thread with telescoping yellow legs and black or orange hardware. An inexpensive alternative, the Sokkia screw clamp tripod works great for setting up optical or laser plummets. This...

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Tri-Max Tri-Dolly

$1,544.95 $1,449.95

Tri-Max Tri-Dolly for fast shots and tripod stability Tri-Max Tri-Dolly90555 Moves a tripod quickly to the next shot without breaking down the instrument. The Crain Tri-Dolly™ speeds up data collection and makes moving your...

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