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Topcon GT Series Robotic Total Station


$22,500.00 - $32,600.00
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Transform Precision Surveying with Topcon GT Series Robotic Total Station

Unlock unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in your surveying endeavors with the Topcon GT Series Robotic Total Station. Engineered for excellence, this cutting-edge instrument seamlessly integrates advanced technology to elevate your surveying experience.


1001235-01   Topcon RC-5A P3 TPS Remote Controller    
1015317-01   FC/SHC5000/6000 RAM CLIP Mount Kit    
1030649-01   TRIPOD, TP-15 WOOD FIBERGLASS Quick Clamp    
1042636-07   Topcon GT-Series Robotic Total Station    
1041068-01   POLE,Topcon ALUM KNOB LOCK PRISM 2.7-5.1FT    
1048117-01   Subscription, POINT MANAGER 12 Month    
1059642-01   Subscription, Topcon Digital Layout 12 Month    
1034972-01   Topcon FC-6000 Tablet Geo Cell ER BT N. America 256GB    
222161000   RC-5RH Handle for RC-5    
60218   Robotic Pole Carbon Fiber    
808903   Tripod Stabilizer  

Total Station Only includes:

2ea BDC72 Batteries

1ea CDC77 Charger

Differences between Topcon GT600 and GT1200

The main difference between the Topcon GT600 Robotic Total Station and the Topcon GT1200 Robotic Total Station is the range of the EDM. The Topcon GT600 has a range of 14,760 feet with the 2x1 prism, as compared to the Topcon GT1200 which has a range of 16,400 with the 2x1 Prism. They both have the same range with the 360 degree prism, which is 3,280 feet.

The other significant difference is the Topcon GT1200 series has a 1 second model, however all the models in the Topcon GT600 and GT1200 series can display the angles at 1 second. The Topcon GT-600 series has a 5 second model which is more than sufficient for most of our customers.

Key Features:

Robotic Precision: The GT Series boasts state-of-the-art robotic tracking capabilities, ensuring swift and accurate target acquisition. Say goodbye to manual adjustments as the instrument effortlessly follows a 360 degree prism, making your workflow easier and saving valuable time in the field.

High-Performance Measurement: Experience industry-leading measurement accuracy with advanced distance and angle measurement technologies. The GT Series delivers precise results over extended ranges, making it your go-to solution for a wide range of surveying applications.

Intuitive Interface: Designed for ease of use, the user-friendly interface and touch-screen display make operation intuitive for both seasoned professionals and newcomers to surveying technology. Spend less time navigating menus and more time collecting valuable data.

Rugged Reliability: Built to withstand the rigors of any environment, the GT Series features a rugged design that ensures durability in challenging field conditions. Trust in the instrument's resilience for consistent, reliable performance.

Versatility Redefined: From topographic mapping to construction layout and boundary surveys, the GT Series is your versatile companion for diverse surveying tasks. Experience the flexibility to tackle any project with confidence.

Seamless Connectivity: Enhance your data management capabilities with seamless connectivity options. The GT Series easily integrates with field data collection software and other surveying tools, providing a cohesive solution for your surveying needs.

Why Choose the Topcon GT Series?

When precision matters, the Topcon GT Series shines as a symbol of excellence in surveying technology. Elevate your projects, boost efficiency, and stay ahead of the curve with a robotic total station that sets the standard for performance and reliability.

Invest in the future of surveying. Choose Topcon GT Series Robotic Total Station for unmatched precision and productivity.

Topcon GT Series Robotic Total Station


$22,500.00 - $32,600.00
(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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