Level Rods

Sokkia Barcode Staff Grade Rod


Sokkia SDL Digital Level Rods Sokkia's RAB-Code (Random Bidirectional Code) staffs are designed exclusively for use with Sokkia Digital Levels (SDL). Staffs are fiberglass unless Specified (BAS55 is Aluminum) Lengths: 16ft, 4meters, &...

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SECO 5001-10 Standard Rod Level

$23.74 $19.99

Seco Standard Rod Level 5001-10   The standard rod level features a die-cast aluminum body and an adjustable vial Fits round or rectangular rods Use with TRACK LIGHT, robotic instruments, or conventional leveling The snap-on level fits all...

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SECO Aluminum Grade Rod


SECO Aluminum Builder's RodLight and durable anodized leveling rod This 4-section aluminum leveling rod are made of a light and durable alloy The telescopic sections are anodized and silk-screened with moisture-resistant ink Each rod section uses...

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SECO Leveling Rod Turning Plate (Turtle) 7304-01

$28.15 $27.99

Medium Leveling Rod Turning Plate (Turtle) 7304-01 Use the SECO Leveling Plate to improve the accuracy of level runs in soft terrain The Leveling Plates (or survey turtles as they are commonly known) are cast heavy steel and red powder painted for...

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LaserLine 10 Foot Direct Reading Optical Rod

$225.00 $189.99

Laserline GR10T 10-foot aluminum direct reading grade rod with movable tape, graduated in feet/tenths/100ths. Collapses to 6 feet. The tape face of this optical laser rod has large scales and is easy to ready at a distance with an optical instrument...

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