SitePro 4001 Mini Stakeout Pole

$84.00 $65.95

The SitePro mini stakeout pole is only 1.28 ft tall with a 5/8-11 thread fixed tip for prism mounting. Built-in 40-minute precise level vial Mostly used with a Mini Prism System Can be used as a...

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SitePro 4027 Mini Prism Pole


SitePro 4027 Mini Prism Pole Adjustable tip with 5/8-11 adapter for prism mounting Easily visible precise level vial Hardened steel point and standard red and white paint Anodized dual-graduation...

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SitePro 4360 Aluminum Bipod

$142.00 $125.99

07-4360 4360 THUMB-RELEASE ALUMINUM BIPOD Flo-Yellow The SitePro 4360 thumb-release bipod is ideal for setting up a freestanding GPS antenna pole or prism pole. Unique locking system provides...

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