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Spectra Precision Survey Pro Software - WEHH Data Collectors (Ranger 3, Nomad, T41) (Discontinued)

$1,050.00 - $2,750.00
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Overview for the Spectra Survey Pro Field Software


Collect and organize your survey data efficiently with Spectra Precision Survey Pro software. As Spectra’s leading onboard data collection software, it gives you a comprehensive set of tools for calculation, mapping, data storage, data management and data transfer to your laptop or PC. Works on a range of field proven Spectra Precision handheld data collectors and total stations, this field software was designed to increase productivity, reduce errors and provide complete control of your survey project.


Simple and Reliable


A surveyor's job is not easy and it takes a real professional to do it well. That is why Survey Pro makes things clear and efficient, freeing you up to do your job. This surveying data collection software has a simple and user-friendly interface that is exceptionally easy to learn and easy to use. It is also offered in multiple languages and features a customizable home screen enabling you to configure your favorite choice of field processes to optimize daily workflow.


Enhanced Features


Since the features and functions of Survey Pro have been developed based on feedback from surveyors, each new release of this software incorporates improvements based on actual field experiences. Use this advanced field data collection software for traverse, sideshot, coordinate geometry, staking and adjustment functions. It also has the ability to edit survey data, fix entry errors and immediately get updated coordinates. With added support for AutoCAD and DXF files, it facilitates data flow from design software to layout, so your field crew can improve efficiency on the construction site.


Supports a Wide Range of Field Equipment


Survey Pro works with all Spectra Precision surveying instruments, including the NomadReconRanger and T41 data collectors as well as FOCUS 6FOCUS 8 series total stations and the FOCUS 30 robotic total station. It is also compatible with Nikon instruments, such as the Nikon Nivo M and Nivo C total stations and multiple other manufacturers' instruments. If you have a complete line of Spectra Precision and Nikon products, you'll find that this field surveying software seamlessly integrates with those instruments, giving you that extra power and flexibility you need to compete in today's world.


Customize your Software


You can customize this field controller software by selecting your desired version from the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner of this page. You can choose the one that works best for you and then easily add features as you need them later on. This helps you save money by getting only the software that you currently need and upgrading to a higher version as your project or business expands. Survey Pro is available in five different modules that are readily available and easy to remotely install via electronic "unlock" codes.


Survey Standard


Spectra Survey Standard is the base model of Survey Pro software and is a complete data collection package for surveyors. It contains a complete COGO (Coordinate Geometry) suite as well as traverse, sideshot and staking routines. It also features basic curve solutions and has complete mechanical instrument support. This software has all the essential features required to properly manage a survey job.


Survey Pro


Spectra Survey Pro shares all of Survey Standard’s functions and adds advanced road layout routines, advanced staking routines, attribute collection, DTM (Digital Terrain Model) routines and much more.


Survey Pro GNSS


Spectra Survey Pro GNSS shares nearly all the Survey Pro functions, plus it provides the capability to collect data from GNSS receivers – a GPS system with global coverage at centimeter level-accuracy. Survey Pro GNSS software is easy to use and has step-by-step features that reduce training and simplify setups. It provides error messages if anything goes wrong. All staking functions are supported in the GNSS module too.


Survey Pro Robotics


Spectra Survey Pro Robotics shares all Survey Pro software functions, works with all major brands of robotic total stations and adds graphical staking screens.


Survey Pro Max


Spectra Survey Pro Max is the ultimate in field software. It completely supports all instruments and has all the software features of the Survey Pro modules. It integrates Survey Pro Robotics and Survey Pro GNSS functions, enabling you to use the same job files with both GPS/GNSS receivers and total stations.


With over 20 years of survey software development experience, Spectra Survey Pro helps you work productively with its simple interface, advanced calculations, data management control and integration with other field instruments. So whatever type of surveying you do, this field software has all the tools you need to do the job right.


Spectra Precision Survey Pro Software - WEHH Data Collectors (Ranger 3, Nomad, T41) (Discontinued)

$1,050.00 - $2,750.00
(No reviews yet) Write a Review