Construction Equipment Tripods for Theodolites

Tri-Max Universal Elevator Tripod


SECO’s Universal Tri-Max® Elevator Tripod features a working height range of 4.10 ft (1.20 m) collapsed to 8.60 ft (2.62 m) extended with the center column at full height The center column independently lifts 1.00 meters A gear box...

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Tri-Max Tri-Dolly

$1,544.95 $1,449.95

Tri-Max Tri-Dolly for fast shots and tripod stability Tri-Max Tri-Dolly90555 Moves a tripod quickly to the next shot without breaking down the instrument. The Crain Tri-Dolly™ speeds up data collection and makes moving your instrument setup...

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Leica GST20 Tripod - 296632

$515.00 $369.00

Leica Tripod GST20, Telescopic, with Accessories - Robust, well-established tripod for general use. Extension leg 6ft long incl. Plastic cap & tool kit Suitable for levels, lasers, Laser Stations and GPS. Extendible 180cm (5.9ft) Weight: 6...

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SECO Column Clamp for Instruments 4852-1


SECO Column Clamp for Instruments4852-1 The Column Clamp is lightweight but stable Works with all instruments with a 5/8 x 11 base, ideal for lasers and theodolites The column rotates to orientate the instrument when needed and features 1 ft (30...

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Sokkia Heavy Duty Wide Frame Wood Tripod

$280.00 $223.95

Sokkia Wide Frame Wood Tripod 751252 Lightweight wood 45.75 to 72 inch height Self-adjusting hinges Pointed steel feet Flat head 5/8 x 11 thread The Sokkia Wide-Frame Wood Tripod 751252 is ideal for mounting surveying instruments. Its adjustable legs...

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SECO Birchwood Dual Lock Round Head Tripod

$222.95 $149.95

Birchwood Dual Lock Round Head Tripod - Black or Orange 5220-12-BLK or ORG Featuring our new Birch wood to improve quality and maintain consistency, SECO recently contracted with a mill and harvester to purchase large lots of high-quality kiln dried...

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SitePro SiteMax Fiberglass Tripod w/Dual Clamp

$179.95 $129.50

HVFG-DC SiteMax Heavy Duty Fiberglass Tripod Best value heavy duty fiberglass tripod on the market Powder coated wear-resistant metal hardware Double banded extension legs Dual clamp with locking quick clamp and wing screw add extra stability Large...

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