Pocket Tapes/Rulers

Folding Ruler - Tenths/Inches


Developed by a contractor working in the field, this heavy-duty six-foot flexible fiberglass folding engineer's ruler is built to withstand extreme weather conditions. Wooden spacing rulers he used simply did not stand up to the extreme weather...

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Keson Tape Pocket 25ft 10ths & 8ths, Wide Blade


Keson wide blade tapes have 1 3/16-inch blades with bigger, bolder numbers. These blades also stand out up to 10 feet, making it easier for one person to get more measuring done. We have some users who prefer our brand to other wide blade tapes because...

Lufkin 25 ft Pocket Tape Hi Viz 10ths


TAPE,1X25,10THS & 100THS ONLYCatalog No. PHV1425ED Features: Hi-Viz® orange case - easy to find on the job Rubber cushion case exterior protects tape from impact and improves grip Tape Line stands out up to 9 foot for...

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Keson Pocket Tape 33ft 10ths, 100ths, Ft, In.

$17.41 $14.95

Keson's most popular model, this chrome-coated, rubber-grip compact housing comes in the most lengths and units. The textured rubber grips provide a sure hold even in a gloved hand. The easy slide out and swift return action on these tapes make them...

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