Leica GEB221 Li-ION Battery 733270


Leica rechargeable GEB221 733270 Li-ION battery for FlexLine total stations, TPS 1200 and GPS1200Leica GEB221 Li-ION, On-Board Battery 7.4V 3800mAh  Li-IonLi-Ion cells have a high energy density. This minimisesbattery size and weight. It is a low...

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Topcon BC-27M Charger


3-Pin Prong Connection Topcon Charger BC-27M (Replaces BC-27CR) for BT52QA battery (for GTS200,600,800,230W series) for BT52Q batt. 3 pin 60347 For GTS-200, GTS-240, GTS-250, GTS-600, GTS-800, GTS-810, GPT-8000, GPT-8200, GTS-230W,...

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Topcon BT-52QA Rechargeable Battery


Battery for GTS-200, GTS- 210, GPT-1003, GTS230W, GPT-3000, GTS-220, GPT-2000, CTS-3000 instruments. 2700 mAh capacity Output: 7.2V Battery has three pin prong connection Equivalent to Topcon BT-52Q,52QA Battery

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