Welcome to our Survey Supplies central hub

Choose one of the categories below and you will find a wide selection of land survey tools and supplies to use in the field.

Survey Field Supplies

In our Survey Field Supplies section you can find many common items for surveying such as field books, magnetic locators, pipe and cable locators, two-way radios, lath bags, plumb bobs and more.

Survey Equipment Accessories

In our Survey Equipment Accessories category check out our selection of survey tripods, survey bipods, prism poles, tilting prisms, leveling rods, tribrachs and more.

Survey Marking Paint

You can find survey marking paint in our marking supplies section along with Texas roll flagging, pin flags, PK nails, Lath, brass markers and more.

Surveying Hand Tools

In our surveying hand tools section you can find machetes, sheaths, probing rods, sledge hammers, manhole picks and more.

Safety supplies

Find all the safety supplies you need such as safety vests, hard hats, first aid kits, safety cones and more.

Tape Measure for surveying

Among our wide selection of land surveying supplies, we have various tape measures for surveying, such as long survey tape measures, measuring wheels, laser distance meters, compasses, clinometers, and more.


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