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Surveying Equipment Adapters

Triple Magnet Mount for the Trimble R10


Triple Magnet Mount for the Trimble R10 5114-10SECO’s 5114-10 is an extra-tall magnet mount for use when attaching GNSS receivers with downward antennas (like the Trimble R10) to vehicles or other metal surfaces An innovative spring...

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SECO Triple Mag Mount with Quick-Release Tip

$267.95 $204.95

Triple Mag Mount with Quick-Release Tip 5114-01 This lightweight magnetic mount system adapts easier to curved surfaces Features a Quick-Release adapter to allow quick setups Weighs 4.40 lb (2.00 kg) This magnetic mount is used for mounting a...

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Screw Mounting Column Plate


SECO Screw Mounting Column Plate 1 510 011 Anodized aluminum plate Three key holes for screws to mount the plate 5/8 x 11 to the threaded stud Tribrach adapter centered on the plate Weighs 1.81 lb (0.82 kg) Product Bulletin1 510...

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Rotating Tribrach Adapter


Rotating Tribrach Adapter 2020-00   This rotating friction top tribrach adapter allows the prism to be pointed after installation in the tribrach Fits all tribrachs Weighs 0.9 lb (0.41 kg)

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RAM Ball to Female Quick Release


RAM Ball to Female Quick Release 5200-203 SECO’s RAM Ball adapter allows you to conveniently move your controller from one clamp to another Each aluminum and stainless-steel adaptor features a compact design Quickly move between your vehicle...

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SECO Adapter for Leica Prism


Adapter for Leica Prism 2090-00 5/8 X 11 aluminum prism height adapters allow the base pole to be used with other manufacturer's 360° Prisms For adapting Wild Leica prism poles to 5/8 x 11 prisms Weighs 0.07 lb (0.03 kg) ADAPTER,WILD...

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