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SECO 100 ft Tape - ft/10ths/100ths


100 ft Tape - ft/10ths/100ths 3003-06 These coated tapes are designed to be used in the field for many years Made with PVC-coated fiberglass Features a hook end and fast-winding crank Length: 100 ft Graduations in ft/10ths/100ths Authorized Dealer...

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Keson Pocket Tape 25 ft 10ths & 100ths


Keson's most popular model, this chrome-coated, rubber-grip compact housing comes in the most lengths and units. The textured rubber grips provide a sure hold even in a gloved hand. The easy slide out and swift return action on these tapes make them...

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Lufkin 25 ft Pocket Tape Hi Viz 10ths


TAPE,1X25,10THS & 100THS ONLYCatalog No. PHV1425ED Features: Hi-Viz® orange case - easy to find on the job Rubber cushion case exterior protects tape from impact and improves grip Tape Line stands out up to 9 foot for...

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