Dot and Line

Line laser levels, also known as "Line Generators", are used primarily for single site interior work, such as a wall or ceiling. Most line generators project cross-hair lines. Depending on the model some will project different patterns including cross-hair, single lines, and even combination of both

Alpha-v Laser Vertical Plumb Laser


Pre-Calibrated Precise control When accuracy is critical, the Pro Shot™ Alpha-v is the laser you can rely on. PRO SHOT LASER California, USA Starting with the field proven and highly reliable Alpha...

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The Bosch GLL 100 G Green-Beam Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser uses green-beam technology, which generates lines up to 4X brighter than standard red beams. This gives the laser a working range up to 100 Ft. The GLL 100 G produces vertical, horizontal and...

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Pacific Laser Systems PLS 180


Pacific Laser Systems PLS-60521 PLS 180 Tool This Laser line tool is self-leveling for plumb, level and square has the following features: Unique optic technology Self leveling Internal shock frame to protect against impacts Thread...

Pacific Laser Systems PLS 180 TOOL

$380.00 $282.00

Overview for the Pacific Laser Systems PLS180 Horizontal-Vertical Line Laser The Pacific Laser Systems Self-Leveling PLS180 Line Laser 60521 projects horizontal, vertical, and cross beams with 180-degree coverage.  It has a 100-foot...

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Pacific Laser Systems PLS 180G TOOL

$491.78 $479.00

Pacific Laser Systems PLS180 Green Interior Horizontal-Vertical Layout Laser 60569 Accurate and portable, this plumb, level, and square laser line tool saves the user time Level weighs less than ten ounces, self levels up to six degrees Operates on...

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Pacific Laser Systems PLS 4 TOOL

$456.00 $379.00

PLS 60574 PLS4 Combo Laser Line 180 Tool with Point-to-Point Plumb The PLS 4 is a plumb, level, and square laser line tool with a combination of up and down points. The PLS 4 comes with it's own dedicated floor base and magnetic wall bracket...

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Pacific Laser Systems PLS-5 Laser Tool


This is the NEW PLS5 laser. It pulses and will work with a laser detector. The NEW PLS5 is a third of the size of the previous PLS5 model. It's updated and is easier to use. The PLS5 Tool provides a true point-to-point, self-leveling plumb, level...

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Pacific Laser Systems PLS3 3-Beam Laser

$244.63 $219.95

Layout vertical reference points faster than a traditional plumb bob.  No more swinging plumb bobs. Plumb instantly from floor to ceiling or from 50 feet off the ground. Use PLS as your partner on the jobsite.  This fully automatic,...

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PLS 3 Green Tool


PLS 3 Green Tool PLS 3 Laser Unit (with rubber sleeve) Carrying Pouch Floor Stand Magnetic Wall Bracket 3  AA Batteries Operating Manual With super bright green beam laser, the Pacific Laser Systems PLS 3 G is a...

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