Spectra Precision

MobileMapper 50


Overview for the Spectra MobileMapper 50 GIS GPS Receiver The Spectra MobileMapper 50 GIS GPS Receiver is a lightweight and robust handheld device that combines smartphone...

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QM95 Laser Distance Meter


Rugged – can be dropped 5 feet (1.5 m) Accurate and reliable Fastest products available Long battery life (8000 measures) Long range performance Indoor / Outdoor High accuracy with...

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Spectra CTO-GL700 Series


Spectra Precision GL710 & GL720 Grade Lasers   Precision High Accuracy, Extra Long Range Grade Lasers  The GL700 series grade lasers are the longest distance, most accurate, and...

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Spectra DG613 Pipe Laser

$4,600.00 $3,680.00

Compact and Powerful. The Spectra Precision DG613 Pipe Laser is built for efficiency, accuracy and reliability when laying pipes. The length of the DG613 has been reduced to make it easier to set...

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Spectra GL612N Grade Laser


Overview for the Spectra GL612N Grade Laser The Spectra GL612N is a rugged, automatic self-leveling laser with a working range of up to 2,600 feet. Used in a wide variety of grading, excavating and...

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