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SECO Rover Rod All-Terrain "Big Wheel"

$170.95 $144.95

Ideal for RTK continuous profiling, this accessory keeps the rover rod on the surface you are measuring. The 5125-056 is great for when you need good elevations on jobs including topos, ag fields, volume surveys, site prep and GIS. Let the Big Wheel...

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Spectra/Trimble for SP80, SP60, R8, R6


Trimble internal battery for the Trimble 5700, 5800, R8, and R6 GPS receivers. 7.4V Lithium Ion; 2400mAh. Single battery. Trimble P/N 92670 replaces Trimble P/N Models 92600, 54344, 52030. Spectra internal battery for SP80 and SP60 GPS...

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