Prism Poles

Prism Poles

SECO Rover Rod 2M Two-Piece

$320.95 $294.95

2 m Two-Piece Rover Rod 5128-00 These lightweight two-piece rover rods are perfect for all GPS applications Features a male 5/8 x 11 tip and 40-minute vial Rover rod has a fixed-height of 2 meters Weighs 2.58 lb (1.17 kg)  

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Leica, GLS111 Survey Pole


Heavy duty reflector pole with red/white markings for high visibility. Twist lock provides easy and secure tightening. Graduated in cm and ft, min. length 1.40m (4.59ft), extendible to 2.60m (8.53ft), weight 1.48kg (3.26lb). Reflector...

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SECO Telescopic Carbon Fiber Rover Rods


SECO Telescopic Carbon Fiber Rover Rods  Designed so the GPS surveyor has all the features needed in a single rod, they're ideal for kinematic surveys Zero height (0 H.T.) Carbon fiber makes these rods 30% lighter The included pin can lock the...

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SECO Rover Rod All-Terrain "Big Wheel"

$170.95 $144.95

Ideal for RTK continuous profiling, this accessory keeps the rover rod on the surface you are measuring. The 5125-056 is great for when you need good elevations on jobs including topos, ag fields, volume surveys, site prep and GIS. Let the Big Wheel...

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SECO 2 m Snap-Lock Rover Rod - Flo Yellow


  2m Snap-Lock Rover Rod - Standard Yellow   5125-20-YEL   Many find these rover rods are faster to setup and more user-friendly than traditional rods Features include a one-piece design and two locking systems for stability, the...

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SECO Prism Pole TLV Pole - Red and White

$175.95 $124.95

8.5 ft TLV Pole - Red and White 5500-11 Wear-resistant for long life One-section pole The soft rubber knob is easy to tighten or loosen, even when wearing gloves TLV lock features a convenient 40-minute vial built into the lock Dual Grad (0.01...

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SECO 2m Two-Piece GPS Rover Rod


2 m Two-Piece GPS Rover Rod - Standard Yellow or Florescent Yellow 5125-00   The lightweight aluminum two-piece rover rods are perfect for all GPS applications Features a 5/8 x 11 tip and 40-minute vial, vinyl hand grip and replaceable steel...

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Sokkia Mini Stakeout Pole 808042


Sometimes smaller is better. The Sokkia Pro stake out pole is made for those hard to reach areas and is the pole of choice in construction layout. Pair it with a Sokkia mini prism to yield the high accuracy results you are looking for.

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SECO Pole Peg Adjusting Jig

$51.95 $49.95

Pole Peg Adjusting Jig5195-01 Convenient for adjusting and calibrating pole vials in the office The adjusting jig features an ‘L-bracket’ to rest the prism pole point on and the adjustable top piece Use the adjustable top to center your...

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